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I am excited to announce my upcoming book.

Mindset Reset: How To Actualize Your Full Potential.

It should be out in late 2023.

Mindset Reset Book Cover

We all want to be successful but many of us struggle.

Maybe you are unsure of what changes to make or what the next steps should be. That’s where this book can help you.

By reading Mindset Reset: How To Actualize Your Full Potential, you will:

  • Learn how to use my framework to improve Mindset, Wellness, and Communication.
  • Discover how your mindset and thoughts might be holding you back.
  • Identify simple ways to improve your wellness.
  • Learn communication skills that will help you in your personal and business life.
  • Implement simple strategies to incorporate these strategies into your daily life so you can Actualize Your Full Potential.

Sound too simple to be true? Solutions don’t have to be hard.

It’s time to reset your mindset!

Start by clicking the button below.

Photo of Bruce

 About the Author

Many of Bruce’s friends & family refer to him as the most positive person they know.

He is a Mindset, Wellness & Communication expert and the owner of “Actualize Your Full Potential LLC.”

His resources include a variety of wellness products, a unique and powerful positive mindset tool, along with being an intuitive life & mindset coach. He picks up on subtle things and gets “energetic hits” when something is said which further guides the coaching session.

Bruce started having serious health challenges when he was a teenager and had numerous surgeries over the years, including spending almost a year in the hospital. He has almost died several times and received several divine messages which inspired and guided him. Improving his health became a priority exposing him to products that have changed his life forever. While going through all of those challenges, he discovered how critical it is to have a positive mindset.

His almost 37-year career as a computer programmer developed his analytical and logical mind. His health challenges and near-death experiences expanded his intuitive skills which guide his heart. This unique combination has enabled him to use both his head & heart to help others. He now refers to himself as “The Logical Intuitive.”

Visit for more details on what Bruce offers.